Welcome to Blackman Bay Oysters


Blackman Bay Oysters is a boutique oyster farming company operating out of the pristine waters of the south-east coast of Tasmania. Our focus is growing and hand selecting pacific oysters for premium restaurants, festivals and corporate events around Australia.   The nutrient rich waters of the wild Southern Ocean roll in from both ends of Blackman Bay and the surrounding landscape is largely isolated and free from human and agricultural impact, culminating in an extremely pure and healthy estuarine environment for our oysters to flourish.  These conditions have given the bay a reputation for some of the world's most pure and sweet tasting oysters.


At Blackman Bay Oysters we pride ourselves in utilising both old and new farming technologies to ensure the premium quality and health of our oysters.  Out of our love and passion for producing quality oysters spawned the Oyster Butler Experience! Our highly trained Oyster Butlers can travel to any event in Australia to entertain and indulge your guests, shucking hand selected oysters from the farm right before their eyes to make any event one to remember. 


Partners Rob Rodway and Isabelle Clarkson purchased the oyster farm early in 2014 and soon after joined long time friend Marcus Tori to the company. Rob has had a life long passion for the ocean and marine environment completing a Degree in Fisheries Business, travelling the world with Marcus as a deep-sea construction diver and joining the aquaculture industry back in 2002.  Isabelle has a hospitality career spanning over 12 years with fine dining restaurant experience, which has been a vital ingredient in establishing The Oyster Butler Experience.  Nationally recognised as producing some of Australia's finest oysters, Blackman Bay Oysters have now twice been awarded state finalists by Delicious Produce Award and winner of the prestigious seafood category.


Overall, we wish to share our love and passion for our oysters to you through the best restaurants, festivals and our Oyster Butler experience.